The Ready Stance plays songs in their Damndest interview yet! VIDEO INTERVIEW, LIVE PERFORMANCE

Today’s Guest: The Ready Stance, rock band, “Damndest”

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of wussy musicians from Cincinnati who can’t figure out how a band from Kentucky made it to Mr. Media before they did… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida! 

The Ready Stance, Damndest CD
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I am really picky about the bands that come on this show.

We’ll invite maybe one a month to be guests. Regular viewers, I love music – and it’s great to have groups come into this 21st century form of media to talk and play a few acoustic numbers. But it’s gotta be a sound I can get behind, you know?

Tonight I think I’ve picked another winner in a band from Newport, Kentucky called The Ready Stance. They play a modern rock style that’s catchy without being cloying and that will remind you at points of perhaps Tom Petty or The BoDeans and at other moments you might hear a little Athens or even Seattle.

WES PENCE podcast excerpt: “Chase is the quintessential, energetic frontman.” 

The band features guitarist and founder Wes Pence; lead vocalist and guitarist Chase Johnston; drummer Eric Moreton; and bassist Randy Cheek.

Enough of me talking about them… Watch the video now for the interview and three live acoustic performances of original songs by the band, two on their new album, Damndest, and a third unreleased tune. How cool is that?

(One correction: In the interview, I got my bands mixed up. Nick Tremulis is with the band Candy Golde; that band has a song called “The Hold Steady” on its debut EP. The reference to the band The Hold Steady was a mistake. My bad.)

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The Ready Stance
The Ready Stance


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