Smash Jaime Cepero! His Ellis is a conniving little #@%$! PODCAST INTERVIEW

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Smash Pilot [HD], Jamie Cepero
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When “Smash” returns for its sophomore season on NBC this fall, don’t be surprised if it hasn’t been renamed “Smash: All About Ellis.”

Seriously, is there any story twist on this wild Broadway musical dramedy that wouldn’t show the fingerprints of Ellis? If only the Great White Way Police knew what we, the loyal viewers, knew of his wildly manipulative behavior!

JAIME CEPERO podcast excerpt: “When I auditioned, the producers of Smash wanted to see another side of me as an actor, so they wrote the scene that happens between me and Debra in episode three where I take her notebook and start talking back to her. What led to my final callback was that I could be this two-faced, snake-in-the-grass.” 

Ellis—played with great promiscuity and a complete lack of ethics by my guest today, Jaime Cepero—has turned out to be the audience representative on the show’s set. In other words, if a plot twist needs to be moved along a little quicker, there’s no better move than injecting Ellis into the scene. If he’s not lurking around the corner, behind the door or under the risers, stealing or hiding valuable documents, you know it won’t be long before he affects a plot’s trajectory.

Jamie Cepero, Smash, NBC
Everybody wants to Smash Jaime Cepero as Ellis — (Photo: Patrick Randak/NBC)

This is Jaime Cepero’s second appearance on Mr. Media in two months. When he was first here, only he knew what a raucous ride we were all in for. And now that we’re all in on what a calculating little shit his character is, we can only stand back in awe and applaud the sudden impact this once little known actor has made on Monday nights at 10 p.m.

Jaime Cepero TwitterDownload the Smash pilot from Amazon.comJamie Cepero’s first Mr. Media interview (Feb. 17, 2012)

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