913 TV tough guy Robert Conrad aims his fists at talk radio! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Robert Conrad, actor, “The Wild Wild West”


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He’s the original TV tough guy.

He’s a formidable ladies man and unstoppable flirt.

And now in his late 70s – 70s! – Robert Conrad still doesn’t know the meaning of slow down and smell the flowers.

ROBERT CONRAD podcast excerpt: “I enjoy everybody’s company. I haven’t had anybody on the radio show who’s surprised me. I’ve been in the business 55 years!”

He’s in his third year as a weekend host on the CRN Digital Talk network – a podcaster, for cryin’ out loud! And you know what? He’s damned entertaining. There may be snow on the roof, but there is still fire in the heart.

Conrad, who became a household name when he starred in Hawaiian Eye and Wild Wild West, is at home in front of a microphone, sounding like a guy who has been doing radio all of his life.

I first heard about Conrad’s now vocation when he was interviewed on Stitcher’s “Meet The Talkers” with Matty Staudt. He was hysterically funny and blunt, gamely answering any and all questions.

Now it’s my turn.

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Actor Robert Conrad now hosts 'PM Show with Robert Conrad' on CRNTalk.com

Actor Robert Conrad now hosts ‘PM Show with Robert Conrad’ on CRNTalk.com

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