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Goodnight Argent
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Do you remember those single-minded guys in high school who always knew what they wanted to do?

The ones who were always doodling in the margins, causing fluids to explode in the chem lab, or scoring all the hottest cheerleaders?

CHASE THOMPSON podcast excerpt: “I’ll come up with a chord progression that I like and start singing to it. Then I’ll take a phrase that comes out and build to it. Eventually, it makes sense and I see how I started there.”

Chase Thompson and Tyler McMullen were two of those guys. They were friends who always knew music would be the central focus of their lives and invested a great deal of their time and energy into creating and practicing their sound.

The duo, now recording professionally as Goodnight Argent, is beginning to see the payoff for their dedication. In 2009, they won the Grand Prize in the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition.

This year, Goodnight Argent produced a 7-song EP called “Ignorance is Paradise.” On today’s show, they perform two acoustic songs exclusively for Mr. Media viewers and listeners: “Don’t Get Sentimental” and a cover of One Republic’s “Everybody Loves Me.”

Acoustic At the Palms by Goodnight Argent, Mr. Media Interviews
Order ‘Acoustic At the Palms’ by Goodnight Argent, available from by clicking on the image above!

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