Actor Aaron Paul is Breaking Bad in talk with Eric Deggans! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Aaron Paul, left, with Bryan Cranston, star in AMC's Breaking Bad
Aaron Paul, left, with Bryan Cranston, star in AMC’s Breaking Bad
By Eric Deggans
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This series is the best program on television you’re probably not watching.

And I know why. Star Bryan Cranston has transformed himself from Malcolm in the Middle‘s goofball dad into a bald, goateed teacher-turned-drug dealer so ruthless he will let his partner’s girlfriend choke on her own vomit to keep his buddy in the trade. That’s a tough character to love.

Breaking Bad - The Complete First SeasonI once told creator-executive producer Vince Gilligan that Breaking Bad seemed to document the slow curdling of a man’s soul; a high school teacher forced by cancer into cooking meth with a junkie former student to cover his medical expenses.

AARON PAUL podcast excerpt: “Walt and Jesse–theyjust get each other. It’s this strange father-son relationship… They have a history and they stick together; who knows if that will continue? They both have done some pretty messed up things.” 

Gilligan suggested a different, simpler take. What happens, he said, when all the stuff in society that moderates our behavior falls away? Who do we become when the only limits are ones we make for ourselves?

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