835 At Syfy’s Eureka and DC Comics, Eric Wallace is Mister Terrific! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Eric Wallace, executive story editor, “Eureka,” producer, “The Flash,” Teen Wolf,” comic book writer, Mister Terrific


Writer Eric Wallace talks about Syfy’s ‘Eureka! (1 of 2)


Eureka: Season 4.5

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I would have written this introduction hours ago and had plenty of time to polish it, except – as usual – my wife and daughter insisted I drop everything and watch the latest episode of the Syfy original series “Eureka.”

Not that it’s ever a tough sell with me – “Eureka” is, after all one of the smartest and most entertaining shows on TV. I know this cable sweet spot doesn’t attract the word of mouth of shows on the networks or on HBO, but trust me, it’s worth your time.

On previous shows, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with several stars of “Eureka,” including Colin Ferguson, Niall Matter and Neil Grayston. But today us fans of the show get an extra dimension: a behind-the-scenes peek with writer and executive story editor Eric Wallace.

The Cast of the Syfy original series 'Eureka'

The Cast of the Syfy original series ‘Eureka’

ERIC WALLACE podcast excerpt: “We made a bold choice to revamp things. We like what we’re doing, we feel strongly about it — let’s stick with it. This is the real universe. We’re staying here and not going back. We thought the best way to do it was just not to comment. Syfy said, ‘Go for it and don’t ever go back.'”

Mister Terrific

DC Comics’ Mister Terrific #1, written by Eric Wallace

Wallace joined the show in season one as an assistant before joining the writing stuff full time. Now he’s one of the most visible faces of the show’s writing room and his work is featured on the August 8 episode.

And when he’s not writing for “Eureka,” Wallace has a second gig as a comic book writer. He’s behind “Mister Terrific,” one of the titles DC Comics is launching as a first issue this fall (Sept. 14).

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Eric Wallace at SDCC

Eric Wallace and writers from ‘Eureka’ at San Diego Comic-Con 2011

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