819 Glee Project’s singing mentor, Nikki Anders, hears talent! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Nikki Anders, singing mentor, “The Glee Project”

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If NBC-Universal can’t beat Fox’s “Glee,” why not join it?

Nikki Anders, singing mentor, "The Glee Project"
Nikki Anders, singing mentor, “The Glee Project”

NIKKI ANDERS podcast excerpt: “I’m intimately involved in the music side of ‘Glee’ and we just carried that over to ‘The Glee Project.'”

That seems to be the message behind the Oxygen Network’s 10-episode summer series, “The Glee Project,” which debuts Sunday, June 12, at 9 p.m.

Led by Robert Ulrich, the casting director for “Glee” itself, “The Glee Project” is a clever idea to maintain momentum for the fictional series by attaching it to a nonfiction reality search for the next potential star of “Glee.”

(Think that’s ridiculous? Read up on what Darren Criss was doing before he came out of nowhere to become a “Glee” star.)

The winner will follow “The Glee Project” with a multi-episode guest starring role on “Glee” – and who know where that unique opportunity might take them?

Joining me to talk about “The Glee Project” is one of the show’s singing mentors, Nikki Anders.

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