Constance Zimmer misses Entourage, but plays F, Marry, Kill! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Constance Zimmer, actress, “Entourage”


Mr Media is recorded live before a studio audience of people who hope Ari Gold will have one last fling with Dana Gordon in the upcoming final season of “Entourage”… in the new new media capitol of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

Constance Zimmer, Entourage, Love Bites
Constance Zimmer, Entourage, Love Bites

Name me one female character on TV who can dish out abuse as well as “Entourage” character Dana Gordon and still look really, really hot.

No, I can’t think of anyone else, either.

CONSTANCE ZIMMER podcast excerpt: “Dana would marry E., f— Vince and kill Ari. But she would want to do it to get ahead.”

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As the former randy girlfriend of super-agent Ari Gold and now his frequent nemesis on the HBO comedy, Dana Gordon’s scenes on the show are always funny. Sure, the writers get credit for some brilliant dialogue, but it might not sell as well with someone other than actress Constance Zimmer delivering these one-liners often aimed directly at Ari’s ego-centric crotch. (“Entourage” returns for its final season in July.)

Now Zimmer is getting an opportunity at being up front and center in a new hour-long romantic comedy that NBC has rolled out for summer viewing, “Loves Bites.”

On the show, Constance plays Colleen, who is happily married to tattoo artist Judd, played by another familiar TV face, Greg Grunberg, formerly of “Heroes.”

Also starring on the show are Becki Newton of “Ugly Betty,” Michele Trachtenberg of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Frances Conroy of “Six Feet Under” and a series of “Mother Lover” videos on “Saturday Night Live,” and Kurtwood Smith of “That ’70s Show” and “Worst Week.”

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