726 Can you handle The Truth? Ryan Barton-Grimley can! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Ryan Barton-Grimley, indie film director, The Truth

There are essentially nine speaking parts in Ryan Barton-Grimley’s new indie film, The Truth. And two of those parts are in one scene–a couple of actors playing cops who are virtually superfluous to the story–so let’s say seven.
Ryan Barton-Grimley, director of 'The Truth'
Ryan Barton-Grimley, director of The Truth
Erin Cardillo stars in 'The Truth'
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RYAN BARTON-GRIMLEY podcast excerpt: “John Heard — talk about a saint! We had somebody else, a very notorious actor, notoriously troublesome, cast in that role. He dropped out two days before filming. John Heard came onto our three-week shoot a week in. He saved the day. He’s amazing.”

This is the kind of movie I think Hollywood could learn from in this age of tight budgets and stories that wind out of control. Barton-Grimley tells a taut, suspenseful tale that really leaves the viewer in fear of what revelation—or truth—is coming next. And even when we know, we still don’t know.

I heard about The Truth, which stars John Heard, Daniel Baldwin, Erin Cardillo and Brendan Sexton III, because illegal copies of it are flooding the Internet. It’s obviously been the subject of a lot of buzz and curiosity.

Cool, huh?

Ryan Barton-Grimley WebsiteTwitterYouTubeVimeo • IMDB • Order The Truth from Amazon.com

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