Henry Jaglom, Tanna Frederick on Queen of the Lot chemistry! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Queen of the Lot, Tanna Frederick, Noah Wyle, Henry Jaglom
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Scorsese and DeNiro have this kind of relationship. So do Spielberg and Hanks. And Scorsese has it with DiCaprio, too, now that I think of it.

Every so often, a director finds his match with an actor who “gets” their material, their vibe, their je ne sais qua.

That’s what’s happening between writer/director Henry Jaglom and actress Tanna Frederick.

HENRY JAGLOM podcast excerpt: “The chemistry between Noah Wyle and Tanna Frederick takes this film to a whole other level. Every review is talking about it. They have this strange, funny, romantic chemistry; you can’t take your eyes off of them.”

Irene in Time, Tanna Frederick, Henry Jaglom, Mr. Media Interviews
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Queen of the Lot — a sequel to Hollywood Dreams — opens at selected theaters in Los Angeles on Friday, November 19. It is the third movie that Jaglom has written and directed in which Frederick has starred; they also worked together on Irene in Time. Queen is actually their fourth collaboration, I believe, if you count her starring in his play, “Just 45 Minutes From Broadway,” which ran for several months this summer at the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica, California and which they’ve already filmed for a movie.

In her three Jaglom starring roles, Frederick typically plays some version of an emotional train wreck. Different characters in Irene in Time and Hollywood Dreams/Queen of the Lot, but – like DeNiro working under Scorsese’s direction — a recognizable, consistent presence.

Jaglom is a writer and director with whom many in Hollywood — particularly women — would love to work, not because his films are big blockbusters but because of the detail and sensitivity he gives to women’s roles. His career goes back to his days as an editor on Easy Rider with Dennis Hopper, although this Lee Strasburg-trained Method actor also appeared in TV shows such as “Gidget” and “The Flying Nun.” (As a boy, I loved “The Flying Nun.” Talk about a concept ripe for a remake!)

An interesting note about Jaglom’s career: he wrote and co-starred in Orson Welles’ final film, 1987’s Someone to Love, which also introduced the world to David Duchovny.

In recent years, Jaglom has worked with a regular ensemble of actors, led by Tanna Frederick (Listen) and including Karen Black (Listen) and David Proval (Listen), all of whom have previously been guests on Mr. Media.

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