672 Captain Awesome swells with fatherly pride! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Ryan McPartlin, actor, “Chuck”

Ryan McPartlin (L), Sarah Lancaster, Zachary Levi
Ryan McPartlin (L), Sarah Lancaster, Zachary Levi

One of the cool aspects of NBC’s spy rom-com “Chuck” is that it has survived on the Peacock long enough for every recurring character to get a moment to shine.

Jeff and Lester have their band. Ellie has a heart. Casey has a daughter. The General has, well, okay, I’m still trying to figure that one out. Big Mike loves Subway sandwiches. Morgan is a different kind of genius.

And Captain Awesome — okay, just plain ol’ “Awesome” these days — is both a big softie and a go-to spy.

That’s a giant leap for Ryan McPartlin’s character on the show.

RYAN McPARTLIN podcast excerpt: “We’re hoping to hear this week or next if we’re going to get more episodes this season. Ratings don’t seem to matter; we keep coming back no matter what. That’s largely due to the fans. There are so many outlets you can watch ‘Chuck’ on. We’re such a big hit on iTunes, on Hulu, and on NBC.com.” 

For a long time, he was the guy who walked in and out of scenes, often shirtless, looking, well Awesome. He got credit for doing things no mere mortal—certain not Chuck — could do and always wound up smooching or in the clinch with his fiancée, now wife on the show, Ellie, played by the luscious Sarah Lancaster.Not a bad deal, but not exactly a meaty role.

Last season, however, McPartlin’s patience on the sidelines paid off. He, like Chuck, became a bit of an accidental spy himself and was entrusted with the secret of Chuck’s giant brain and new physical prowess. It was one of many fun twists on a show that excels in taking viewers places we never expected and always enjoy exploring.

This season, he and Ellie have a bun in the oven. You just know it’s gonna be awesome.

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