654 The Whole Truth, nothing but, with Rob Morrow, Maura Tierney! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guests: Maura Tierney, Rob Morrow, actors, “The Whole Truth”

Rob Morrow, The Whole Truth, ABC
Rob Morrow, The Whole Truth, ABC
Maura Tierney, The Whole Truth, ABC
Maura Tierney, The Whole Truth, ABC

They are two of America’s favorite and most charismatic actors. They are also a man and a woman who have retained their dignity and privacy as we’ve watched them mature and grow on television for the past—dare I say it? – two decades.

Maura Tierney appeared in almost 300 episodes of NBC shows, including 100 “NewsRadio”s with the late Phil Hartman and almost 200 “ER”s.

And Rob Morrow had similar runs over on CBS: 102 episodes of “Northern Exposure” and 118 episodes of “Numb3rs”.

MAURA TIERNEY podcast excerpt: “I did a TV movie with Diana Ross where I played a schizophrenic. Did you ever do that?”

ROB MORROW podcast excerpt: “No. I did a thing with Annabella Sciorra… My wife saw Diana Ross shopping at Gelson’s the other day. She can’t stop talking about it. Diana Ross pushing a cart!”

Now they’re together for what I believe is the first time, co-starring on the alphabet network, ABC, in “The Whole Truth.” He’s an over-confident, wisecracking defense attorney named Jimmy Brogan; she’s Kathryn Pearle, an equally confident assistant district attorney. It’s a two-sided legal drama where viewers get both sides—and maybe a little more, hence the title.

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