650 Haven’s Eric Balfour agrees: Get busy with Audrey Parker! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Eric Balfour, actor, “Haven,” “Six Feet Under”


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Haven's Eric Balfour and Emily Rose
Haven’s Eric Balfour and Emily Rose (Photo by Brian Dowling/Syfy)

Have you watched “Haven,” the first season sensation on SyFy?

If you had asked me after the first two weeks if I thought the show had legs, my answer would probably have been “No.”

Too much didn’t make sense, too many story elements seemed wobbly and aimless, and the relationship between the two stars at the top — Emily Rose as FBI agent Audrey Parker and Lucas Bryant as police officer Nathan Wuornos —seemed flat. Why couldn’t they figure out a better and more consistent use for Eric Balfour’s Duke Crocker?

ERIC BALFOUR podcast excerpt: “The last four episodes of the season feel really indicative of where ‘Haven’ could go and what it could be. Except for maybe episode 12. I’m still arguing with them about my storyline in episode 12. It didn’t make any sense to me. But 10, 11 and 13 are awesome. Emily’s storyline in episode 12 is awesome; I was just grumpy about my storyline because I didn’t understand it.”

Haven: The Complete First Season
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And was everyone in town crazy or supernatural? Why wasn’t the National Enquirer crawling all over Haven, Maine?

Well, like last year’s outrageously wonderful SyFy series, “Warehouse 13,” it took Haven a few weeks of on-the-road tinkering to smooth out its ride and find its voice. Now you can watch an episode and the writers seem to know that Audrey and Nathan make good co-workers but they need other characters to breath life into them. Balfour is finally getting some meaty opportunities. And the stories about the residents of Haven are insane-insanely great. Halfway in, we have no idea where we’ll wind up when our 60 minutes in town is over.

I’m eager to see what the writers have lined up for Balfour, once a star of HBO’s “Six Feet Under,” who I suspect will eventually cozy up to Rose, herself once an HBO star, on the to—short-lived “John From Cincinnati.”

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