606 TV carpenter Rib Hillis models his good looks on Mr. Media! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Rib Hillis, actor, model

Rib Hillis
Rib Hillis

Seriously, have you ever seen a prettier man than this guy, Rib Hillis?

When I see him, I feel like I’m not holding up my end on the manliness scale. In point of fact, if he’s a man, I’m not sure what I am any more.

God, this is depressing.

And the guy—who’s been a top male model for 18 years!—is also an actor. But he made his big move into America’s conscious as a TV carpenter on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” before landing his own outpost as “Carpenter Rib” on A&E’s Saturday morning home improvement show, “$100.00 Makeover.”

Rib Hillis. How I hate him.

RIB HILLIS podcast excerpt: “I went to a modeling agency with my brother, who wanted to model; they said, ‘What about you?’ They faxed my picture to Milan and they said, ‘Ciao, Rib! You send him over. We love him! He’s fantastic!'”

You might actually recognize Rib Hillis from a lot of places, from the soap opera “Port Charles” to the sitcom “Two and a Half Men,” in which he played one of Charlie Sheen’s mother’s playthings. But the one that rang true with the women in my family was when he played a masseuse in an episode of ABC’s “Ugly Betty”:

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