Toby Bloomberg: Social media marketing is not a fad! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Toby Bloomberg, author, Social Media Marketing GPS


Social Media Marketing GPS by Toby Bloomberg, Mr. Media Interviews

Download ‘Social Media Marketing GPS’ by Toby Bloomberg — FREE — by clicking on the book cover above!

Toby Bloomberg, author, Social Media Marketing GPS, Mr. Media Interviews

Toby Bloomberg, author, Social Media Marketing GPS

I’m one of those people you hear about who has a lot riding on the developing reach and power of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This show, Mr. Media Radio, relies heavily on the kindness of strangers to post and tweet about favorite episodes, sharing recommendations with friends, neighbors and more than a few people they’ll never, ever meet in person.

That’s the new “word of mouth” in 2010: it’s word of tweet.

TOBY BLOOMBERG podcast excerpt: “I started writing this book based upon Twitter interviews. People like to get their info in spoonfuls, so this seemed to work.”

As a result, I’m always greedily on the lookout for someone who can expand my own knowledge and understanding of social media—and, of course, who will share their experience with you.

Toby Bloomberg, who will join us on the phone in a moment, is just such a person. Her new ebook, Social Media Marketing GPS: A Guide to Social Media, 1 Tweet at a Time, is just that: a book written almost entirely in 140-character tweets.

That’s right—some generations wrote their thoughts for the ages in iambic pentameter; others in haiku. We’ll be remembered as a bunch of freakin’ tweeters!

Toby Bloomberg, however, is no freak. She is widely recognized and respected for her expertise in combining social media with traditional marketing values such as strategy, customer insights, segmentation, etc. Toby not only talks about the social web but is actively involved in the conversation. Her blog Diva Marketing, launched in 2004, was acknowledged by Forbes as one of the “20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs By Women.”

You can download her new book, Social Media Marketing GPS, for free by clicking the book cover on her blog @

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