This Man’s Kitchen is actor Hal B. Klein’s website, foodies!

Guys, are you hungry?

Let me put it another way: are you hungry but feel like you don’t know how to prepare anything more appetizing than microwave nachos with lots of jalapenos to cover up your mess creating even this thought-free dish?

Maybe Hal B. Klein can help. The actor/food blogger is the man behind, a website with simple to follow instructions for even the most hopeless dude balancing ingredients and fire.

Klein isn’t just an entertaining food dude, though. He’s also an actor, having appeared in Bottle Shock and Nobel Son—alongside Bill Pullman and Alan Rickman, as well as in Killer Movie with Elisha Dushku.

Hal B. Klein Website

Hear it now!HAL B. KLEIN podcast excerpt: “In acting, you have a lot of downtime between jobs. And it’s much more fun to be making the food than serving it.” 

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