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Today’s Guest: Red Peters, comedian, singer, Red Peters Presents The Summer Song Sizzler, Howard Stern Show regular

Red Peters Presents The Summer Song Sizzler
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Red Peters’ dulcet tones have undoubted lulled you into listening to music that your mother would likely not approve of.

The singer-songwriter takes standard, common melodies and gives them a hysterically filthy twist that makes you go, “What the f—?”

And if you’ve never heard Peters’ work, let me be the first to introduce you to a few samples, including “You Promised Me the Moon (But I Prefer Uranus).”

RED PETERS podcast excerpt: “I did a phoner with Howard. I was on for 40 minutes. He played a little snatch—so to speak–of each song. When he played ‘The Ballad of a Dog Named Stains,’ Howard just loved it. He flipped out. Within several months, I was in his studio singing it live. We became friends from that point on. He injected quite a bit of life into the Red Peters Project, that’s for sure.”

Red Peters came to the attention of America’s preeminent radio personality, Howard Stern, not long before Stern made the move from CBS to Sirius Satellite Radio five years ago. Stern created a place for him on his Howard 101 channel, where you can often hear Peters playing his own tunes and dirty music from a variety of other composers and performers.

His latest CD, “Red Peters Presents: Summer Song Sizzler,” is available on iTunes and is full of charming ditties such as “Vagina” by Pig Vomit and “There’s a Homo in the Bunkhouse” by Bob Garrett’s “Banned.” A little later, I’ll play “The Sex Song” by TastiSkank.

Red Peters WebsiteTwitterFacebookMySpaceSong SnatchOrder It’s A Red Peters Christmas from Amazon.com

Ol Blue Balls Is Back by Red Peters, Mr. Media Interviews
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