London Review of Books publisher Nicholas Spice believes! PODCAST INTERVIEW

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There has been a lot of whining in recent years about the fate of the physical book—and, for that matter, magazines and newspapers. We’re in an era of rapidly shifting habits, spending more time, effort and money on the digital word over its print cousin.

And yet there are some happy hangers-on to the old ways and old days.

Nicholas Spice, the publisher of the London Review of Books, for example, is about to join me to say that his publication’s numbers are up, not just on the web but in the dead trees edition, too.

Incidentally, the London Review of Books—which you can preview online @—is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its U.S. edition this month, April 2010.

NICHOLAS SPICE podcast interview: “I think there is a tremendous tradition of reading in the States; almost half our readers are in the U.S.—20,000 readers, which is pretty good, really, for a U.K. magazine.” 

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