562 Invade the privacy of Vimeo GM Dae Mellencamp? Not me! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Everybody knows what YouTube is. Viral videos, 10 minutes or less in length, uploaded by everyone from the broadcast networks to your neighbor’s cell phone.

But, contrary to popular belief, it’s not the only treasure chest of video entertainment and wonder.

Take, for example, Vimeo. It’s a Youtube alternative with a cleaner user interface, easy to follow instructions and can even accept user-made, high definition videos.

I don’t know everything that differentiates Vimeo from its competition, which is why I’ve invited Dae Mellencamp on the show today. She is the senior vice president and general manager of Vimeo and I’m hoping she can give us all a much clearer idea of Vimeo’s potential and how we can all put it to work for us.

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Hear it now!DAE MELLENCAMP podcast excerpt: “Vimeo doesn’t have any limits on length so people can upload something that’s a lot longer. If a parent wants to upload something it can be private or they can have a private channel. Or if it’s a higher end videographer who wants to only show the video on their personal domain to who they want, they can select those options.” 

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