544 Former E! news anchor Steve Kmetko pimps LGBT MyQMUNITY.com! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Steve Kmetko

Steve Kmetko

We all want to be part of a community. A place where we belong, a place where people are like us—and like us.

In the online world, of course, nobody can see what color you are, what sex you are, how old you are, or smell whether you’ve taken a bath in the last week. And yet we still migrate to places where there are people like us.

STEVE KMETKO podcast excerpt: “I’m hoping to revisit some of my interviews from 20 years ago with people such as Bette Davis. We’re focusing on people who might be gay icons or of interest to the gay community.”

Visit MyQmunity.com

Visit MyQmunity.com

That’s what Steve Kmetko and the founders of a new online site, MyQmunity.com are hoping. They just launched the first local version of MyQmunity here in the Tampa Bay area and plan to take it nationwide in the months ahead.

Kmetko, the long-time E! Channel news anchor, is the public face of MyQmunity.com, but he’s hardly alone. Joining us will also be the creator of the site, Mariruth Kennedy.

Oh, I almost forgot: MyQmunity.com is an online resource connecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to local events. And why is Kmetko here to promote it? Newsflash: he’s gay.

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