Diane Farr picks Carolla over Duchovny for last man on earth! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Kissing Outside the Lines: A True Story of Love and Race and Happily Ever After by Diane Farr
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David Duchovny, Diane Farr in 'Californication'
David Duchovny, Diane Farr in ‘Californication’

It’s got to be the dancing eyes.

There’s a lively sense of mischief and glee that I see when I gaze into actress Diane Farr’s big eyes on the TV screen, the kind that makes me think she would be a lot of fun to hang out with—and also the kind of girl who’d get you into a world of trouble without so much as blinking.

Or maybe that’s just what the professionals call “acting.”

DIANE FARR podcast excerpt: “I think Denis Leary is exactly like the character he plays on ‘Rescue Me.’ He can be loud when he needs to be loud and he gets soft and mushy; he’s much more in touch with his feminine side than most people would gather from the smoking rants he was known for when he began.”

Either way, from her days as sidekick to Dr. Drew Pinsky on MTV’s late night “Loveline” show, on through acting roles opposite Denis Leary on “The Job” and “Rescue Me,” past working with Rob Morrow for several seasons on “Numb3rs” and, most recently, getting down and dirty as David Duchovny’s teaching assistant on “Californication,” Farr has charisma to burn.

Maxim magazine once called her “Rescue Me” character Laura “the world’s hottest firefighter.” No argument there! And a New York Times headline said, “Looks like Barbie, Talks Like Ken.”

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