‘High Society’ reality TV bout: Devorah Rose v. Tinsley Mortimer! (2010 Audio Interview)

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of movie extras best known for walking through scenes in Gosford Park… in the new new media capitol of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

Devorah Rose, High Society
Devorah Rose, High Society

I’m, like, totally up on Manhattan society—of the 1980s. If they were ever mentioned in Spy magazine, I know who they are and what they’ve done.

But this is, like, 2010, and I couldn’t be further from knowing who’s hot, who’s not—or why it matters. Sometimes, though, it’s not about me—hard t believe, I know—it’s about you, beloved listeners.

So I’m delighted to welcome Devorah Rose to today’s show. Devorah is the editor-in-chief of Social Life Magazine in the Hamptons and, more germane to being in the moment, she’s a star of The CW’s new reality TV series, “High Society.” It airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m.

On the show, Devorah is locked in mortal verbal combat with Manhattan social climber Tinsley Mortimer, who I actually have heard of, but probably not for any reasons of which she’s beaming with pride. If you dig beautiful young blondes engaged in catty, full claws behavior, you’ll snarl with delight at their antics on “High Society.”

This is not Devorah’s first does of TV fame, incidentally. She’s also made cameo appearances on “The Real Housewives of New York City” and “New York City Prep.”

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DEVORAH ROSE podcast excerpt: “Something about having class that a lot of people don’t understand is being humble. You should never make anyone feel badly about themselves or try to act like you’re better than anyone. Because you’re not. No one is.” 

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