After Richard Doetsch’s ’13th Hour,’ baby, I want more! PODCAST INTERVIEW

The 13th Hour: A Thriller by Richard Doetsch
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Regular listeners know I’m not prone to breathless hyperbole about my guests or their work. If I like a book I’ve read, I tell you straight out. And if I don’t like a book, you probably won’t hear the author interviewed on Mr. Media Radio because to me, lying isn’t worth the effort.

Today, I’m going for what will sound like breathless hyperbole, but when I got to the end of Richard Deutsch’s latest novel, The 13th Hour, I was mad because it had to end! I immediately gave it to my thriller-reading wife and said, “Read this. Now!”

RICHARD DOETSCH podcast excerpt: “As you travel through this book, friends die. Things change. He’s got to set everything in motion because it’s all racing to the final hour… Writing it was like playing five games of chess in my head as I moved through the chapters.” 

The 13th Hour is the kind of brain-twisting, adult fiction that you can’t—and won’t—put down. Doetsch literally turns the world upside down and sets events in backwards motion.

And dammit, it makes sense.

I’m not the only one who thinks so, either; New Line bought an option to turn the book into major motion picture before it was even published.

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