Lost actor Andrea Gabriel isn’t in every episode, but Sayid is! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Sayyid and Nadia
Sayyid and Nadia in a scene from ‘Lost.’

Andrea Gabriel has appeared in every season of the ABC television smash hit, “Lost.”

But if her real name doesn’t ring a bell, I’ll bet her character will: she is Nadia, Sayid’s long lost love.

ANDREA GABRIEL podcast excerpt: “There were three brunettes in a purple frock involved. There was me, my stunt double, and a dummy. I thought my part was going to minimal. Turns out, I was in a harness and they actually yanked me from a crane. There’s no car involved in that point. They yanked me upwards, quite energetically. Anyone who wants to freeze frame on me the second I get hit, that is my funky face. All put together, it looks like a bad day for Nadia.” 

You can LISTEN to this interview with ANDREA GABRIEL, co-star of LOST, by clicking the audio player above!

And like a lot of characters making a return to the series in this, it’s final season, Nadia is sure to play an important part in nailing down the show’s twisted storyline. She returns in the Tuesday, March 2 episode–and at least once more after that, as you’ll learn.

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