Shocker Toys founder Geoff Beckett in a playful mood! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Geoff Beckett Jr., founder, acting CEO, Shocker Toys

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The Spirit has a permanent place of honor on my desk.

Mixed in among some family photographs on a table to my right is an oddly transparent, 12-inch Spider-Man action figure and, next to him, a 12-inch talking Silver Surfer—although the batteries are apparently dead.

In the hallway, where most of our books are shelved, is a 9-inch high growling Incredible Hulk, and a 12-inch set of the original TV “Green Hornet” and “Kato.”

Out in the garage, still in boxes, are at least a dozen female action figures that I bought for my daughter when she was a baby, thinking she might one day like to play with them.

She didn’t.

The point of all this? I like action figures. Which is why I invited Geoff Beckett, acting CEO of Shocker Toys, to be my guest today.

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