Christina Milian says Bring It On! PODCAST INTERVIEW

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Everything I know about cheerleading, I learned in high school.

Well, duhhhhhh!

Put another way, I know nothing about cheerleading. I didn’t date any cheerleaders, barely even spoke to them. What would we have talked about, anyway?

But, I must hasten to add, I did finish second in voting for prom king in my senior year, so it’s not like I was completely on the outskirts of high school society.

CHRISTINA MILIAN podcast excerpt: “I definitely like to work. But for the movie I had to learn 20 routines in one month… There is a lot more Latin- and hip-hop-infused choreography in this Bring It On.”

And, actually, I do know a few things about cheerleaders: they work very hard to learn their routines and rhythms. And just by being cheerleaders, they’re probably the most envied and scorned students in school.

I also know that the Bring It On film franchise has been hugely successful and that the latest installment, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish will air on ABC Family Channel this Sunday, January 17 at 8 p.m.—following a 6-hour Bring-It-On-a-thon that afternoon

Joining me to talk about the film is one of its stars, Christina Milian. If you have kids, they probably will remember her as Tina from Disney Channel’s “Movie Surfers.”

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