Scrubs is launch pad for actors Donald Faison, Dave Franco! PODCAST INTERVIEW


I’m looking up to my left in a thoughtful pose, my right index finger gently tapping against my lower lip. Outwardly, I’m introducing my guests, a.k.a., “Christopher Turk”—and Dave Franco. Inwardly, I’m daydreaming, trying to imagine what their co-star, Zach Braff would be thinking about if he were me

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How would Braff—who plays “J.D.” on the show—introduce his extremely close friend Faison in a way that would both warm your heart and reveal something unintentionally embarrassing about their relationship?

DONALD FAISON podcast excerpt: “(J.D. and Turk) are still crazy! They’re just considered adults now. You remember how it was when you were all of a sudden considered an adult and you had all the responsibility in the world. But you felt you were as young as the people who look up to you or you were mentoring? That’s how Turk and J.D. feel.” 

And what would he say about Franco, about whom I know little going into this interview except that a similarly named actor James Franco is currently appearing on an ABC soap opera? That, too, must be my imagination.

The daydream just went poof—I slipped in a puddle deliberately left on the floor next to my desk by The Janitor. Damn you, Janitor!!!

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