Drew Waters, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS actor, model: Mr. Media Radio Interview


Drew Waters possesses the kind of body that other men can only wish to emulate and women dream of well, you know.

He grew up in Texas and gave up a track & field scholarship at Rice University to join the Navy. While still serving his country, he won a modeling contest over 3,500 other contestants and—after completing his military tenure—began a career as an international print model.

You’ve probably seen him in campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Prada, Structure, Versace, Chaps, Hugo Boss, Guess, and Abercrombie & Fitch. He’s also appeared on magazine covers and ads in GQ, Vogue, Esquire, Men’s Fitness, and Men’s Journal.

Legendary fashion photographer Bruce Weber thought Waters had something more than good looks and suggested he try acting.

Good idea.

podcast excerpt: “There were rumors, but they wouldn’t tell me the direction my character was going. They gave one of the characters, Max, a heart attack and pushed my character into his spot while he was recovering. Episode 10, I was sitting with Kyle and I said to the director, ‘I apologize, but it’s driving me crazy. What am I doing out here on this field?’ Kyle goes, ‘Yeah, what is he doin’ out here?’ And I said, ‘Kyle, I can handle this.’ They didn’t want my character to know until the very end.”

Waters has appeared in Blonde Ambition, starring Jessica Simpson and Luke Wilson; Major Movie Star with Jessica Simpson; Mad Money starring Katie Holmes and Diane Keaton; It’s a Wonderful World with Matthew Broderick; and W starring Josh Brolin. He appeared in an episode of AMC’s , “Breaking Bad,” and began a recurring role during season three of the NBC/DirecTV cult favorite “Friday Night Lights,” where he plays “Wade Aikman.”

While I talk with Waters, feel free to check out his personal website, DrewWaters.com. Or visit the “Friday Night Lights” site for a preview of season 4.

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