Morgan Langley, COPS reality TV producer: Mr. Media Radio Interview


When did the TV show COPS become such a piece of irrefutable Americana?

Probably when the first bar of “Bad Boys” played, back in 1988.

It was the original docu-reality series when it debuted on Fox more than 20 years ago and took viewers for their first ride-along with the men and women of America’s big city and small town police departments. One minute it was a thrill ride, the next a fall-off-your-seat laugh riot.

The things these bad boys did!

podcast excerpt: “This is a hard show to do. We’ve got 14 crews working at any given time all across the country. We don’t re-create anything; we don’t simulate anything. Because of that, we really have to grind this thing out. Crews work 10-hour days in the back of a police car, eight weeks in each city. The turnover rate is pretty high.”

Now, as the series enters its 21st season, the next generation of producers is stepping up. Morgan Langley, son of COPS’ original producer, John Langley, joined the show as a production assistant and has risen to become a producer of this show and many other reality-based series produced by the family business.

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