David Faber, AND THEN THE ROOF CAVED IN author, CNBC reporter: Mr. Media Radio Interview


CNBC anchor and reporter David Faber is my guest today. He’s the author of a new book, And Then the Roof Caved In: How Wall Street’s Greed and Stupidity Brought Capitalism to Its Knees.

I’m very excited for David and his new book, but first we have some old business to cover.

He won’t remember this, but we met at the business channel’s Fort Lee, New Jersey, headquarters back in 2001 when I started writing a book called CNBC Profit Drivers. David was supposed to write the introduction.

podcast excerpt: “September 14, 2008–it was clear to me we were in the midst of something I’d never seen. You could take the three stories that occurred on that evening: AIG about to go bankrupt; Lehman Brothers going bankrupt; and Merrill Lynch being sold to Bank of America—each of those would have represented one of the bigger stories of a decade in terms of business news and they were all happening on the same night! There was nothing ever like it and there never will be anything like it.”

The book was finished but never published—it was cancelled the week after 9-11—but you can read it in its entirety at profitdrivers.net. But it’s still missing an official CNBC introduction.

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s talk about And Then the Roof Caved In.

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