David Lawrence XVII, HEROES NBC-TV co-star: Mr. Media Audio Interview

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There were 16 guys named David Lawrence listed on the IMDb.com site before the future “Heroes” Puppetmaster came on the scene, which is why he has the Roman numerals for 17—XVII—appear after his name.

It’s a little odd, but certainly memorable. He could have been the first “Bob Andelman” listed in IMDb, but I guess he didn’t think of that, then.

Anyway, Lawrence the 17th is in the midst of a pretty cool run on Heroes as Eric Doyle, best known for kidnapping and holding the cheerleader, Claire, a.k.a. Hayden Panetierre.

You can LISTEN to this interview with actor DAVID LAWRENCE, co-star of the NBC-TV drama “HEROES,” by clicking the BlogTalkRadio.com audio player above!

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