Party with Gene Simmons of KISS in a lost moment from 1985! PHONE INTERVIEW


Kiss and Make-Up, Gene Simmons
Kiss and Make-Up, Gene Simmons

I met Gene Simmons once.

His band, KISS, was touring without the makeup for the first time and we were backstage before a show at the Lakeland Civic Center. Simmons was an imposing figure, even making casual conversation, but we didn’t talk long.

Pretty soon, the late concert promoter John Stoll of Fantasma Productions walked up to party with Gene Simmons. Each of his arms was around the waist of a beautiful, glammed out young lady whom he introduced to Simmons.

The chit-chat was officially over.

“Sorry, Bob. Gotta go,” Simmons said, trading places with Stoll between the girls. “Maybe we can talk later.”

Never happened.

Anyway, this telephone interview with Simmons from January 7, 1985, is one of my all-time favorites. This captures a moment in time when Simmons was funny, direct and fascinating, talking about KISS, of course, but also making a movie with Michael Crichton, Tom Selleck and Kirstie Allie called Runaway, and why he’s not likely to be marriage material. I hope you’ll enjoy this Mr. Media “Lost Tape.”

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