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Today’s Guest: Nancy Lenehan, actress, “Worst Week”

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It takes a certain kind of woman to play Angela, Sam’s mother-in-law on the hysterical new CBS sitcom, “Worst Week.” Nancy Lenehan is that woman.

Nancy Lineman, actress, Worst Week, Mr. Media Interviews
Nancy Lenehan, actress, Worst Week

One week, she and her husband—the judge—are getting busy under his desk. Another week, she rides a cello down a flight of stairs. Oh, and did you happen to see the one where Sam walks in on her in the gynecologist’s office and sees her you-know-what? And then writes a magazine column about it?

Lenehan has been a guest star on dozens of hit sitcoms over the years, ranging from “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Malcolm in the Middle” to “The New Adventures of Old Christine” and she’s Earl Hickey’s mother on “My Name is Earl.”

To me, “Worst Week” is one of those show—like “The Office” and even “Seinfeld”—that marches to its own rhythm and needs time to find its audience. It is slapstick funny and yet has moments of warmth and tenderness like no other sitcom on the air today. If you haven’t watched it yet. You should. Now.

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