Sudanese activist rapper Emmanuel Jal lived role in War Child! PODCAST INTERVIEW


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(UPDATE: I was reading Entertainment Weekly in early October 2014 and saw a familiar name and face featured in a story about a new movie, The Good Lie. It was Emmanuel Jal, a charming young actor and musician who found his way to Mr. Media in our second year of podcasting, 2008. His is a compelling story and I’m so glad to see him thriving and growing.)

Emanuel Jal’s life reads like something out of a movie—which is no doubt why his story is featured in a new documentary called War Child.

Jal was a child soldier in Sudan who overcame unimaginable violence, death and destruction and fled after being forced to fight as young as eight years old.

Today he is a rising international hip-hop star with one of the most amazing life stories you’ll ever hear.

War Child received a viewer’s choice award at the Tribeca Film Festival and premiered in New York on November 14th, 2008.

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