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There are so many things that amaze when I see them done. Untethered spacewalks would be one. And glassblowing! How do they do that?

Today, one of the front page demonstrations on MonkeySee.com is, in fact, a how-to on glassblowing. How cool is that? Ever since I saw it done live as a kid in a NJ department store back in the 1960s, I’ve always been awed by it.

Never wanted to try it, I might add. I just like to watch.

Glass-blowing is just one of hundreds of free how-to videos you can find at MonkeySee.com, a site which is carving out a niche for itself with the professionalism of its demonstrators.

Joining me to explain how you can take advantage of the vast college of online knowledge is the site’s co-founder, Will Jerro.

You can LISTEN to this Mr. Media interview with WILL JERRO by clicking the audio player above!

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