Documentary is In Search of Kennedy! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Chuck Workman, Stephen J. Kern, documentary film producers, In Search of Kennedy


In Search of Kennedy, a documentary film by Chuck Workman and Stephen J. Kern, Mr. Media Interviews
In Search of Kennedy, a documentary film by Chuck Workman and Stephen J. Kern. Order your copy now by clicking on the film poster above!

If MTV edited a presidential campaign video, it would probably look and feel a bit like In Search of Kennedy, a new documentary film by Chuck Workman and Stephen J. Kern.

The movie applies a 21st century sheen to the most iconic of 20th century political figures, John F. Kennedy.

It is incredibly au currant, with the 2008 Democratic references narrowed down to Obama and Clinton.

The movie – which reminds us that, in 2000, even George W. Bush was sold to the American public as being Kennedy-like! – is crammed with familiar faces interviewed expressly for this project, including Norman Mailer, Tom Hayden, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Michael Moore, Garrison Keillor, Chris Matthews, Arianna Huffington and Senators Edward Kennedy, Joseph Biden and Chris Dodd. Alec Baldwin and Elisabeth Peña speak the words of prominent writers. Workman, who wrote and directed In Search of Kennedy over a three-year period, received his Oscar® for his live action short “Precious Images.”

Previously, Workman produced and directed two critically acclaimed theatrical documentaries, on two other ‘60s icons, Superstar: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol (1990) and The Source, (1999) about the Beat Generation and Jack Kerouac.

One of the things that may surprise people is that this isn’t just a recitation of JFK’s greatest hits. It is a warts-and-all presentation of Jack and all the Kennedys, from the Bay of Pigs and Marilyn Monroe to Chappaquidick and William Kennedy Smith.

Whether you’re a Kennedy fan or just a political junkie, you’ll no doubt find In Search of Kennedy provocative and entertaining.

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The Millionaire's Convenient Arrangement by Jane Peden, Mr. Media Interviews
The Millionaire’s Convenient Arrangementby Jane Peden. Order your copy today by clicking on the book cover above!

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