48 Apples to iApples with MacWorld editor Jason Snell! VIDEO INTERVIEW


MacWorld magazine, April 2004, Jason Snell, editor, Mr. Media Interviews

Besides a glass of Dr. Pepper, the one material thing I look forward to every day is checking in with my Macintosh computer.

I’ve been one of those crazed Mac guys since 1984, I guess, when I bought my first Apple, a IIc. Since then, I’ve upgraded every couple years, through the Plus, the Centris, the iMac, a Power Computing clone, an early iBook, a special edition silver clamshell, a newer iBook, and the desktop G5 I’m looking at now. There are also two iPods in the house, one mini, one video

I’m the crazed Mac evangelist you PC holdouts hate so much.

Joining me today is a guy who is probably more Mac-crazed – by profession, at least — than I am. He’s Jason Snell, editorial director of Macworld, publishers of Macworld magazine, Macworld.com, Playlist, Mac OS X Hints, and MacUser.com. He has covered Apple and the Mac market since 1994.

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 Watch Part 1




 Watch Part 2


 iPhone, AT&T network, Apple TV, iTunes competition, YouTube



 Watch Part 3


 Mac OS X Leopard, Macworld’s relationship with Apple, Time Machine,

 Safari 3.0, the suckiest Mac products ever



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