Tom French asks: Are you a good neighbor? INTERVIEW

(The following Tom French profile by Bob Andelman appeared in Tampa Bay Life in 1991.) Are you a good neighbor? If a loud, agonizing cry from the house next door woke you from a sound sleep tonight, would you call the police or shrug it off? That's the challenge Tom French first put to readers... Continue Reading →

1123 Help Me, Harlan Cohen! My kid is going to college this fall! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Harlan Cohen, 'Help Me, Harlan' syndicated advice columnist, author, The Naked Roommate: For Parents Only     Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with Harlan Cohen, 'Help Me, Harlan' syndicated advice columnist and author of The Naked Roommate: For Parents Only, by clicking on the video player above! Mr. Media is recorded live before... Continue Reading →

Dean Shepherd turns business From Lemons to Lemonade! (2009 Podcast Interview)

  Failure is epidemic in America these days, some of it earned, much of it dropped in the laps of hard-working entrepreneurs who did nothing wrong but have still seen their life work vanish in recent months. But when Dean Shepherd, the Randall L. Tobias Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Indiana University’s Kelley School of... Continue Reading →

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