Staying up late with Larry King! 1986 INTERVIEW

  (NOTE - One of my first celebrity interviews when I joined the old Tampa Tribune in May 1983 was great fun: I spent a couple of hours chauffeuring legendary talk show host Larry King around to media appearances and then waited with him at Tampa International Airport for his plane to depart. He was... Continue Reading →

Mama insisted I interview first time novelist Deborah Sharp! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Deborah Sharp, novelist, "Mama Does Time."   In Himmarshee, Florida. And Mama’s middle daughter, Mace, an animal trapper, is pissed. That’s all you need to know to get interested in the first novel by my old friend Deborah Sharp. It’s titled Mama Does Time, and boy, does she ever. Deborah was a long-time... Continue Reading →

94 David Andelman on A Shattered Peace–was WWII preventable? PODCAST INTERVIEW

David Andelman and I have been connected via the internet for the last few years. I frequently receive emails from people who remember me from CBS News or The New York Times, who want to reconnect via Facebook or network through LinkedIn. Unfortunately, I never worked for CBS News or The New York Times. And... Continue Reading →

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