1306 Talking Will Eisner with “John Law” comics artist Gary Chaloner! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Gary Chaloner, comic book artist, Will Eisner's John Law   (EDITOR'S NOTE: The following interview with comic book artist Gary Chaloner was recorded on August 25, 2006 to supplement my authorized biography of the late Will Eisner, Will Eisner: A Spirited Life. I recently rediscovered the audio file and decided to add it... Continue Reading →

Lightning Thief screenwriter Craig Titley taps for Mr. Media! PODCAST INTERVIEW

How do the movie studios follow the humongous, year-after-year success of the Harry Potter movies? That is, where do you find a character and situation that will grab the imagination of everyone from elementary school students on through your grandmother? And craft tales that will make audiences come back for more? Again. And again. And... Continue Reading →

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