Berlin’s songwriter says there’s message in the steamy lyrics! 1984 INTERVIEW

By Bob Andelman May 27, 1984 Last year, a song called Sex introduced America to new-wave band Berlin. The lyrics of Sex ("I'm a virgin ... a slut ... a geisha ... I'm your mother") caused a lot of blushing around radio stations, but they put it on the air and helped turn it into... Continue Reading →

Go back in time with Jon Bon Jovi, circa 1984! PHONE INTERVIEW

  Today--March 2--is singer Jon Bon Jovi's birthday. I've been intent on publishing my January 19, 1984, phone interview with him for a long, long time, but I just cannot locate the original print version of the story to accompany it, so today I am throwing up my hands and we'll just go with the... Continue Reading →

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