Can you find anything missing in iPad: The Missing Manual? VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: J.D. BIERSDORFER, New York Times technology columnist, author, iPAD: THE MISSING MANUAL.     Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with J.D. BIERSDORFER by clicking on the video player above!Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience that includes my own mother, who—even though she lost no time opening the iPad she received on her 75th... Continue Reading →

Fitness for Geeks is more than just typing, author says! VIDEO

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of gypsies, techies, tramps and geeks, who have next to nothing in common but a growing interest in each others’ well-being… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida! Geeks are generally unhealthy people, just like you and me. Okay, like you,... Continue Reading →

17 Mediaweek editor Lisa Granatstein on, well, media! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Lisa Granatstein, editor, Mediaweek (Adweek)   I love to read. They don’t start calling you Mr. Media because you’re illiterate, of course, and magazines have always fascinated me. When I pass a newsstand, I absolutely must stop and see what’s new and different. Drives my wife crazy. My garage is littered with the... Continue Reading →

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