seaQuest DSV fan? Meet stars Michael and Peter DeLuise! INTERVIEW

(Originally published in Sci-Fi Universe, 1994) The first thing you notice about Peter DeLuise is what's missing: his hair. His head is shorn clean for the role of Dagwood, the mutant with superhuman strength and mild-mannered temper on seaQuest DSV. It's not a subject he enjoys discussing. "It's terrible," he says, shaking his smooth noggin.... Continue Reading →

Look deep into seaQuest DSV with showrunner David J. Burke! INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: David J. Burke, executive producer, "seaQuest DSV" (Originally published in Sci-Fi Universe, Winter 1994) On a vacant lot in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, Lucas Wolenczak (Jonathan Brandis), Tony Piccolo (Michael DeLuise) and Dagwood (Peter DeLuise) are searching for clues to this week's seaQuest DSV story. A few blocks north, Lt. James Brady (Edward Kerr)... Continue Reading →

1122 Storyboard this! Animator Mark Simon will show you how! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Mark Simon, artist, animator, author, Storyboards: Motion in Art   Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with Mark Simon, artist, animator and author, Storyboards: Motion in Art, by clicking on the video player above! Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience that is about as animated as we’ve seen since Raquel... Continue Reading →

Evil Dude Ted Raimi Playing Dead with Mr. Media! PODCAST INTERVIEW

  Ted Raimi is directing Playing Dead but writer Suzanne Keilly is actually playing dead in the new web-only series, Playing Dead. The Groundlings comedy alumnus is a struggling young actress—well, maybe not as young as she’d have you think—when her desperate plea for a job attracts the attention of The Grim Reaper. TED RAIMI... Continue Reading →

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