Banging my head against the wall with Andy Cowan! VIDEO INTERVIEW

    Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with Andy Cowan by clicking on the video player above!  Banging My Head Against the Wall: A Comedy Writer’s Guide to Seeing Stars is a great book title because it is not only clever, it tells you exactly what the book is about. Humorist Andy Cowan’s career... Continue Reading →

Five minutes with Father Guido Sarducci! 1983 AUDIO INTERVIEW

    (NOTE: The following interview with Father Guido Sarducci, a.k.a., comedian Don Novello, originally appeared in Music Magazine on May 26, 1983. I am posting it online for the first time in celebration of Novello's January 1 birthday. -- Bob Andelman) Where is Rosanne Rosannadanna when you need her? “Hey, Don Novello!” she’d scream,... Continue Reading →

1111 Do you Wawa? GottaHava Wawa? Read The Wawa Way! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Howard Stoeckel, retired CEO of Wawa, the Philadelphia-based convenience store chain, author, The Wawa Way     Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with Howard Stoeckel, retired CEO of Wawa, the Philadelphia-based convenience store chain, and author of The Wawa Way, by clicking on the video player above! Mr. Media is recorded live before... Continue Reading →

House actress Charlyne Yi supports Oxfam America! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Charlyne Yi, actress, "House, M.D."   Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of deaf senior citizens who thought I said “Knock-knock” instead of Knocked Up and are not so quietly telling each other jokes to which they can no longer remember the punchlines… in the NEW new media capital of the... Continue Reading →

456 Community’s Abed is a man of many: Batman, Don Draper… ! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Danny Pudi, actor, "Community"   It’s a shame Lorne Michaels didn’t sign up Danny Pudi for “Saturday Night Live” before the producers of the NBC sitcom “Community” cast him as “Abed.” He is so flexible in body, mind and voice as to suggest a combination of Jim Carrey, the late Phil Hartman and... Continue Reading →

Community actor and writer Donald Glover is a double threat! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Actor Donald Glover, co-star of the TV sitcom "Community"   On the NBC freshman sitcom hit “Community,” Donald Glover plays “Troy,” a self-involved, former high school football star trying to find a place for himself in a junior college setting where his athletic accomplishments don’t mean much. On the other hand, the pretty... Continue Reading →

Mike Sacks gets The Kicker from great comedy writers! PODCAST INTERVIEW

  I wouldn’t mind spending a day or two in the shoes of Mike Sacks. During the day—and probably quite a few nights—he is a mild-mannered writer for Vanity Fair magazine. When he’s not doing that, he’s been interviewing some of the smartest, funniest writers around for his new book, And Here’s the Kicker: Conversations... Continue Reading →

It was all Farley when The Chris Farley Show was in town! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Tom Farley, brother of SNL comedian Chris Foley, author, The Chris Farley Show     Losing a family member at the tender age of 33 is incredibly tough. It’s even more complicated when that young person lived his existence in a bigger-than-life way, like Chris Farley – and his trials and tribulations are witnessed... Continue Reading →

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