1020 Chris Claremont’s X-Men Days of Future Past, Marada, Red Sonja! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Chris Claremont, long-time X-MEN comic book writer and co-creator of Marada The She-Wolf.     Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with long-time Chris Claremont by clicking on the video player above!  Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience that includes Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Paquin, Michael Fassbender... Continue Reading →

Elfquest creator Wendy Pini dabbles in Poe’s Red Death! PODCAST INTERVIEW

  You know when you meet someone early in your life how that’s the person they will always be in your mind’s eye? That’s how I’ll always see Wendy Pini. I was a teenager with a comic book fixation, and she was a stunning redhead who dressed up at comic book conventions as Red Sonja,... Continue Reading →

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