86 Chip Rowe, Playboy Advisor and Fringe Ziner! INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Chip Rowe, editor, The Book of Zines, Chip's Closet Cleaner, columnist, Playboy Advisor Originally published July 14, 1997 Chip Rowe is an expert in two fields. The first is sex. Every month he spends his days researching, studying and writing about the most obscure and most obvious elements of physical intimacy for one, two... Continue Reading →

51 R. Seth Friedman and his zine niche: Factsheet Five! INTERVIEW

Originally Published November 11, 1996 If your reading taste skirts the fringes of what's typically found on the newsstand, R. Seth Friedman has the magazine for you. Factsheet Five is the bible of underground publishing, an A-to-XYZZY news encyclopedia of the most bizarre, tasteless and irreverent zines the world has ever known. Each issue of... Continue Reading →

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