2013 Playboy PMOY Raquel Pomplun brings beauty to this beast! VIDEO INTERVIEW

  Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with 2013 Playboy Magazine Playmate of the Year RAQUEL POMPLUN by clicking on the video player above!Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience that includes Brande Roderick, Lana Tailor, Breann McGregor, Britany Nola, Stacy Collins, Chris Napolitano and—hey, who let Mr. Skin in? … in the... Continue Reading →

Victoria’s Secret model Alina Pușcău acts up with Conan the B! VIDEO INTERVIEW

    Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience that is alternately casting spells on me and threatening me with sharp, jeweled objects… in the NEW new media capital of the world, St. Petersburg, Florida! Alina Pușcău is hot. Hot, as in, people are talking about her. Hot, as in the YouTube video... Continue Reading →

Chip Rowe, Playboy Advisor, meet Mr. Media, Playboy page turner! PODCAST INTERVIEW

  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Chip Rowe has one of the greatest jobs on earth. He’s the Playboy Advisor. You know, the guy who gets letters from C.J. in Chicago that begin, “What is the proper way to tip a blackjack dealer?” Or maybe this automotive inquiry, from A.K. in... Continue Reading →

Ex-High Times editor Mike Edison has fun everywhere he goes! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Mike Edison, author, I Have Fun Everywhere I Go >  In his new book, I Have Fun Everywhere I Go, Mike Edison does for sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll what Hulk Hogan did for wrestling! No, scratch that. Edison hates Hogan. Saying that will just piss him off. How about: Mike Edison... Continue Reading →

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