1044 Ordinary Grace sends W.K. Krueger’s story racing skyward! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: William Kent Krueger, novelist, Ordinary Grace     Watch the exclusive Mr. Media interview with New York Times bestselling novelist William Kent Krueger, author of 'Ordinary Grace' and the Cork O'Connor mysteries, by clicking on the video player above!Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of male narrators who tell their... Continue Reading →

729 Writer W.K. Krueger sends Cork O’Connor into Vermilion Drift! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: William Kent Krueger, novelist, Vermilion Drift   Don’t you love it when a friend recommends a book and it turns out he was right? That’s how I got turned on to William Kent Krueger’s new book, Vermilion Drift. A friend knew I would love a good mystery and said, “Read this.” WILLIAM KENT... Continue Reading →

Poor Little Bitch Girl! Not Jackie Collins—her new book! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Jackie Collins, novelist, Poor Little Bitch Girl   Sex? Check. Scandal? Check. Thinly veiled portraits of Hollywood celebrities? Check. Breathless, page-turning details? Check. JACKIE COLLINS podcast excerpt: "When I was just starting off, I was in New York being interviewed by this journalist. We were in a private room. I had a very... Continue Reading →

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