Who you calling a Hack? Not crime novelist Kieran Crowley! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Kieran Crowley, former New York Post crime reporter and author of the new novel"Hack."     Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with crime novelist Kieran Crowley, former New York Post reporter and author of the new novel"Hack" by clicking on the video player above!  Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio... Continue Reading →

94 David Andelman on A Shattered Peace–was WWII preventable? PODCAST INTERVIEW

David Andelman and I have been connected via the internet for the last few years. I frequently receive emails from people who remember me from CBS News or The New York Times, who want to reconnect via Facebook or network through LinkedIn. Unfortunately, I never worked for CBS News or The New York Times. And... Continue Reading →

45 Pete Hamill edits NY Daily News, revisits A Drinking Life! INTERVIEW

Originally Published December 30, 1996 Look up the word "journalist" in any dictionary in New York City and you'll probably see Pete Hamill's mug staring back at you. The legendary newsman, a veteran of all three of the city's tabloids, returned to the New York Daily News on January 1 for what he's calling the... Continue Reading →

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