Lari White’s big break was singing with Robin Gibb in 1984! INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Lari White, country singer (NOTE -- I received the sad news tonight that country singer Lari White died today -- January 23, 2018 -- of a rare form of advanced peritoneal cancer. I had the good fortune to meet Lari way back in July 1984, when I was a correspondent in the Clearwater... Continue Reading →

Catching up with country music singer Lari White! INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Lari White, country music singer "Champagne" Music Video (full color) from LariWhite.   (Originally published in Two-Step, May 1994; UPDATE: Sadly, Lari White died of cancer on January 23, 2018.) When Lari White says she's had a pretty great year, she's not kidding. The Dunedin High School and University of Miami graduate's first... Continue Reading →

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